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Star Lanterns: Orders over $50 Ship by USPS Priority Mail for FREE! 

Star Lanterns, star lamps, star lights... Whatever you call them, they are fantastic! Our lanterns are an easy way to add color, depth and an exotic feel to any space. If you are tired of the "same-old same-old," hang a few of these in the next room or at your next party to really spice things up. 
Can't visualize how our paper star lanterns work? See our new star paper lantern video for a realistic view of these great lanterns.

Featured Products

Andromeda Star Lantern Blue
Andromeda Star Lante
This star lantern has a blue background with yellow accen...
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Batik 9 Point Star Lamp in Yellow
Batik 9 Point Star L
Star Lamp with nine points made from handmade paper. This...
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