Lantern Do's and Dont's


star lantern clusterFrom decorating faux pas to electrical fires, there's a lot to consider when putting up your hanging lantern. Here are some helpful tips to keep you looking good and feeling safe.
Don't use paper lanterns outdoors: they will fall apart and you will be sad : (
Do hang your paper lamps in a dry space where wind will not be too much of an issue. Covered patios and porches are great as long as they are pretty weather-proof.
Don't run electric cords under a carpet or rug. Walking over them repeatedly can lead to electrical fires. Yikes! 
Do use nylon lanterns for outdoor use.
Don't use electric cords and sockets for outdoor use that are not rated as weather-proof. No sense shorting out the whole neighborhood on the night of your big 70's disco bash!
Do hang star lanterns in clusters of twos and threes. They look so cool at slightly different heights.
Don't "gang up" six separate cords on one outlet to get that cool cluster look.
Do use a triple socket cord for more than two lanterns to keep things safe and looking nice (nobody wants to see a twisted rope of lantern cords behind your cool lamps).
Do mix and match colors and styles of star lights. Vanilla is boring, but add some chocolate and strawberry and now you've got something! 
Don't feel like you are married to one lantern or set of lamps. They are cheap enough to swap out every six months or so to add a new look.
Do give hanging lights as gifts. They are inexpensive, easy to wrap and ship, and everyone likes something that makes their space look nice.